Dance The Night Away

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  1. Jul 09,  · TWICE - Dance The Night Away (Romanized) Lyrics: Lalalalalalala / Lalalalalalala / Lalalalalalala / Lalalalalalala / You and me in the moonlight, ah / .
  2. Jul 09,  · Let’s dance the night away” Dahyun ”Dance the night away Let’s dance the night away” Chaeyoung. the first ”Let’s dance the night away” After ”ssodajineun byeolppitgwa” ‘its Momo or Jihyo, not sure, but its not Mina. i think ”Let’s dance the night away” in the end of each pre-chorus is sung by Momo/Chaeyoung and Momo.
  3. Let’s dance the night away [Chorus] Let’s dance the night away Yeah One two three, let’s go Jeo bada geonneo deullil deut sori jilleo Let’s dance the night away [Post-Chorus] Dance the night away Let’s dance the night away Dance the night away Let’s dance the night away [Verse 2] You and me in this cool night, ah Miso jinneun.
  4. Dance the Night Away Lyrics: Have you seen her? / So fine and pretty / Fooled me with her style and ease / And I feel her from across the room / Yes, it's love in the third degree / Ooh, baby.
  5. "Dance the Night Away" was Van Halen's first Top 20 U.S. hit, peaking at #15, and the second song from their album Van Halen II. While the rest of the songs from this album had existed in various forms since their days doing demos and playing clubs, this song was possibly the only song written during the recording sessions for the album.
  6. Aug 09,  · The first Summer Song of TWICE, “Dance The Night Away” is an up-tempo pop song that expresses the 9 members’ youth, who live every moment with their special happiness It .
  7. I just wanna dance the night away With senoritas who can sway Right now tomorrow's lookin' bright Just like the sunny mornin' light And if you should see her Please let her know that I'm well, as you can tell And if she should tell you That she wants me back, tell her no, I gotta go I just wanna dance the night away With senoritas who can sway.

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