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  1. Signs of Grace: You Are Forgiven prepares children to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time by revealing that God is indeed “rich in mercy.”Parent sessions using Award-winning Augustine Institute Studio’s Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession help meet the crucial need for ongoing formation and catechesis for the entire family.
  2. Jul 28,  · You may feel like you don’t deserve to be forgiven or you may think you have made too many mistakes to be forgiven, but God will and does forgive you. God’s Forgiveness is a Gift. The forgiveness of God is not something you deserve or something that can be earned. God’s forgiveness is a gift that must be received.
  3. Welcome to You Are Forgiven, a weekly show which proclaims the genuine good news of Christ’s forgiveness for you. Our goal is to bring this truth more clearly into focus.
  4. You Are Forgiven! radio is here to bring the truth of Christ’s forgiveness for you into clearer focus. The cacophony of information these days—especially “Christian” information—offers you a myriad of tips, techniques and checklists, all purporting to help you become a better Christian, or to show you how you can get closer to God, or.
  5. You know that you are forgiven because you’ve come to believe the promise of God’s word. And what could be more hopeful than for a holy, righteous, perfect and sovereign God to say, “I forgive you.”.
  6. You Are Forgiven is a powerful book written with heartfelt chapters and powerful personal testimonies that are shared each pointing women back to God’s Word and giving them the opportunity to read for themselves about the love and forgiveness found in Christ.
  7. You Are Forgiven Radio podcast on demand - You Are Forgiven! These words—and the fact they describe—are at the very heart of the Christian faith.

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